Saturday, June 25, 2011

consists of a restaurant, a café, a tea room and a marketplace.

The café usually maintains an attuning atmosphere, aside from relaxing you also get prepared to work, get new ideas. I also think people get the feeling of cleverness (books around you, open notebooks on the tables, people of art). I like the toilets most, the sinks remind me of gram’s house in Kapan. Let me tell you – the toilet is a really important spot, as at least 80% of the customers usually see it, and I’m not speaking of the hygiene – that’s compulsory – I mean creative ideas and comfort, that leave a lasting impression, if someone tells you about the toilet you’ll surely be astonished, you’ll say – if the toilet’s so memorable, then what about the café? One of the drawbacks is the seats – you stay longer where the seats are more comfortable, and where they have dry and rough chairs, even if they are a part of the design, I get nervous and want to get up earlier to have some walk. That’s the way they are in this place, dry and rough, and even wool cushions in winter don’t save the picture. Featured movies, author evenings, events – all this is surely right and welcomed, it’s important to interest the client, you may give food not just for the belly, but also food for thought)
It’s hard to speak about the restaurant, because I immediately remember their tasty meals, and seems like I’m a bit hungry again, but whatever, the restaurant has a light scent of frenchness about it: the music, the flowers, the candles, the people.  I can proudly take my guests there - surely they’ll feel good.
The so-called “tea room” is my favorite place in this club. People sit on cushions there, so they’re rather reclining than sitting and are close to the ground, and all that relieves one from complexes, they start communicating and speaking more freely, there’s no tension. The disadvantage of the tea room is, I think, that I can’t eat anything there, I understand that they have the restaurant and the café for that, but if I’m already sitting in the tea room and I’m hungry and want to eat something I’ll surely be too lazy to move or go someplace else.
I won’t expand much about the marketplace, that’s more a place to make money selling tourists items with Armenian elements, like for paying for the electricity.
What about the service, the client’s demands are satisfied relatively; personally I’m in friendly relationships with the staff, and can say that the way they treated me before and after befriending me, and that’s enough for me.
I generally consider this place a good place to pass time, here I can both come with my girl-friends and have business meetings, I can get a taste of arts and take part in numerous events.